Government of Nepal
Ministry of Commerce
Singhadurbar, Nepal

Meen Bahadur Bishwakarma

Hon'ble Commerce Minister
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Naindra Prasad Upadhaya

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During the regime of "Father of Nation" late His Majesty King Tribhuwan Bir Bikram Shah Dev and under the rule of Rana Prime Minister Juddha Shamsher, an institution named "UDYOG PARISAD" was created in B.S. 1992. It was, perhaps, the first government agency to look after the industrial activities and promote the ndustrial environment in the Kingdom of Nepal. The same year was marked with the promulgation of Company Law and an office named Nepali Cloth and Domestic Enterprise Publicity came into existence.
The democratic government formed in the year 1951 A.D. managed the modern type of bureaucratic structure in line with the Central Secretariat. During the same year, among other ministries, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce was also created.
The ministry of Industry, Commerce that was in existence since long time by single name, was separated in 2038 B.S. The jurisdiction of the then Ministry of Commerce was expanded in 2040 B.S. Under the expanded jurisdiction, it was given the responsibility of supply sector, bearing its name as "Ministry of Commerce and Supply". Again in the same year, the separate Ministry of Supply was created. In this way, three ministries i.e. Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Supply come into existence as different ministry.

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  • Activities related to corporations & companies in connection with commerce and supplies.
  • Policies & Programs related to Productivity improvement.
  • Activities related to technology transfer & development.
  • Study, Research & Survey concerning to internal & international Trade.
  • Decisions related to import export trade policy & operation of International trades
  • Operation of governmental & public trades.
  • Treaty, Agreement, Bilateral & Multilateral intergovernmental trade negotiation & evaluation activities related to trade & transit.
  • Co-operation & Co-ordination with agencies related to national, regional, international supply, trade & transit.
  • Study, Survey of different vehicles of transportation & management of economic transportation for internal & international trade.
  • Policy & Implementation on supply of consumable commodities.
  • Management for regular & balanced supply of essential edible materials to the common people
  • Protection of consumer rights & welfare
  • Decisions related to import export trade policy & operation of International trades
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