Government of Nepal
Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Supplies
Singhadurbar, Nepal

Modified Date : 2016-06-23
Once Nepal was undertaking necessary preparatory work for accession to WTO during the early years of the new millennium and had realized the need for wider dissemination of information on WTO issues to different stakeholders within the country. Therefore, the then Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies (MOICS) of Government of Nepal, under the technical assistance provided by WTO, established the "WTO Reference Centre" on 25 November 2003 at Babar Mahal, Kathmandu, Nepal within the premise of the Department of Commerce. Services of two experts from WTO secretariat were provided in setting-up the Centre.  At the same time, the experts had also provided training to 25 persons from public and private sectors on issues related to WTO issues, information retrievals and WTO agreements. This Centre is being directly managed and supervised by Planning & International Trade Cooperation Division (WTO Division) of the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies (MOCS).
The Centre has been organizing various activities over the years.  Since its inception, the Centre organized 27 short-term training and interaction programmes, participated by representatives of different ministries of the Government of Nepal, public corporations, private sector organizations, business groups and professional associations and NGOs. 
The Centre also has been collecting WTO publications and Newsletters and made them available to users within the Center's premise. The Center has been providing services to visitors by searching related information on websites as per the requests made by the users. These activities of the Centre are being well appreciated and considered very useful by business groups and professionals in gaining knowledge on WTO related matters and agreements.