Government of Nepal
Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Supplies
Singhadurbar, Nepal

Modified Date : 2016-06-23
Plant Resources Act.
  • Access to Genetic Resources Acc.
  • Seed Act, 1998 (First Amendment)
  • Plant Protection Act.
  • Plant Protection Regulation 1975 (Amendment)
  • Industrial Property (Protection) Act.
  • Instrument of Ratification of Bern Convention
  • Plant Variety Protection Act
  • Instrument of Ratification for the UN convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Good.
Also look the following terms and conditions;
  • Trade Policy Review Body
  • Council for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
  • WTO Agreements
  • GATT 1994
  • Trade Policy Review Mechanism
  • Agreement on TRIPS
  • Working party o Professional Services
  • Working party on GATS Rules
  • Working party on Domestic Regulation
Plurilaterals Committee on Trade in civil Aircraft